CONGRATULATIONS to @sugaseanmma on his latest win. Is he the next big thing?! His latest victory at #UFC264 rocketed his popularity with his exceptional display against @kris_is_soulless Follow for more @mma_comics

Sean grew up in the circus as a clown, but he wasn’t the best and not really liked. Over this years this turned him grey and sour, sad that he couldn’t make the crowd laugh with him… they just laughed at him!

But one day a mysterious man saw Sean all grey and hopeless, after another disappointing show. This mysterious man said he could give Sean all the game and power he desired to entertain… but O’Malley didn’t know this came at a cost.

Sean followed the mysterious man to an abandoned warehouse, repeatedly questioning who this man was. Finally, at the perfect moment he revealed himself…. IT WAS EVIL CONOR MC’JOKER! (@thenotoriousmma)

Mc’Joker tricked O’Malley, he wasn’t going to give him the power to just entertain, it was for a bigger more evil plan (coming soon…). They fought high above the chemical silo tanks, but being all grey and weak O’Malley lost the tussle and was pushed into the chemicals.

Evil Conor Mc’Joker was finally victorious and turned Sean into an Evil Clown minion Sean gained the power he desired but was under Mc’Joker’s control forever!

Weeks later, Mc’Joker entered Evil O’Malley into the UFC 264 to win over the crowd. This was the first stage of his BIG EVIL PLAN!

This comic strip is dedicated to @helpforheroes


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