MMA Comics Issue #5

Where did Jake Paul’s skills come from to beat Ben Askren? And what is next for Jake Paul? Find out in Issue No.5 below.

@jakepaul has put the fight world on notice with his brash arrogance and unlimited self-confidence. Lately he has announced a three-man shortlist for boxing return after Ben Askren KO.

Jake has set his sights on UFC star @natediaz209 as one of three potential opponents for his next boxing fight, stating that he will “obliterate” him. Others include @twooodley and his ultimate opponent, @thenotoriousmma.

But he has told @tommyfury, brother of world champion @gypsyking101, to forget about challenging him any time soon. No thanks.

Paul has fought three times as a professional – against fellow YouTuber @anesongib, former NBA star Nate Robinson and former MMA star Ben Askren.

He’s stated, “I do want to fight boxers, there are boxers I’m going back and forth with about potential fights but the people I want to knock out are MMA fighters.” BOOM!

“Tyron Woodley would be a good opponent, Nate Diaz would be a good opponent, Conor McGregor would be a good opponent.”

The undefeated boxer added that he would be “undeniable” to fight McGregor if he managed to claim a victory over Diaz. SURELY?

Do you think his next fight will be Nate? Or someone else?

@sportinmind – Sport in Mind is the UK mental health sports charity that uses sport to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems. Please support them.

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MMA Comics brings together MMA and Comics for the fans. It came about as a spontaneous idea at around 3am of course, I couldn’t sleep on it so I set to work on the branding and first Issue and it was posted at 4:30am.

I’ve always wanted to find a niche that would stand out from the crowd. There’s so many great MMA pages out there, so competing is difficult. I’ve considered many desires for MMA Comics, I wanted to make people laugh, occasionally push the boundaries, and I want to work with other accounts and people to create a community vibe. Anyone to contributes useful ideas or their support to shout about the brand could get featured within upcoming issues. I can’t offer much at the moment, so I this this is a fun way to say thanks!

Starting from Issue No.5 and beyond, I will also be raising awareness for charities around the world, featuring their brand within issues and adding a small write up to captions. The more people that enjoy content from MMA Comics, the more likely I’ll be able to help spread awareness for that charity who works hard to achieve it.


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