MMA Comics

MMA Comics brings MMA and Comics as one to bring humor to all the fight fans!

MMA Comics tells the fans how this project came about: “I’ve always wanted to find a niche that would stand out from the crowd. There are so many great MMA pages out there, so competing is difficult. I’ve considered many desires for MMA Comics, I wanted to make people laugh, occasionally push the boundaries, and I want to work with other accounts and people to create a community vibe. Anyone to contributes useful ideas or their support to shout about the brand could get featured within upcoming issues. I can’t offer much at the moment, so this is a fun way to say thanks! Starting from Issue No.5 and beyond, I will also be raising awareness for charities around the world, featuring their brand within issues and adding a small write-up to captions. The more people that enjoy content from MMA Comics, the more likely I’ll be able to help spread awareness for that charity who works hard to achieve it.”


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