MMA Training For Beginners

MMA Fighters are fit and lean, and that’s because it’s a requirement in order to have the stamina needed to remain standing in the cage. They’re constantly moving, and not just their arms, but their legs, too. During a bout in the cage, an MMA fighter uses their whole body, choosing techniques from many different concentrations of martial arts.

While you may envy their bodies, you certainly don’t envy the beatings they take. Fortunately, you can have that amazing physique without having to trade blows. Training like you’re an MMA fighter has many benefits. Not only are you burning calories which result in loss of fat over your entire body, but you’re also building a strong and healthy heart.

Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to becoming a fat burning fighting machine, but without the fight.

1. Nutrients

Nutrition is important when you’re exerting your body with regular physical training. Eat healthy and watch that you’re getting nutrition from all of the five food groups. Foods that have no nutritional value, such as sweets and potato chips, can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Fill your stomach with healthy foods that give your body energy and help build muscle.

A dietary supplement can help. Choose a supplement that offers several benefits like energy renew. It helps your muscles heal while also benefiting your cardiovascular health following an intense\ work out which can help keep you from physically burning out, which an MMA fighter is not allowed to do.

2. Warm Up

You can’t just jump into the fight. You’re going to be working hard, so your body needs to warm up. A great warm up exercise used by MMA fighters is shadowboxing. Once you give it a try you’ll find it’s a warm up that progresses into a workout.

As you box, your heart rate speeds up and you can put more physical movement into by moving around the room, dancing against your opponent. It also allows you to practice your form and get in tune with your balance if you ever find you need to defend yourself.

It also has the potential to help you develop mindfulness. Because you stay in the present with your motions, you forget you’ve had a rough week.

If you’ve never tried shadow boxing before, start with light jabs. Be repetitious so you can become comfortable with your new moves. As you build confidence, incorporate more punches and combinations into your routine.

Jump Rope

A jump rope is the simplest piece of exercise equipment you can own, yet it does so much for your physique. You can burn up to 300 calories in just 15 minutes, which is more than you can burn from running.

If you’re just starting out, go slow. For a beginner, one minute may seem like a lifetime. As you get better, incorporate a regular jumping routine into your workout. Time to jump rope for three to five minutes, take a break and repeat five times.

MMA fighters like jumping rope because it improves their coordination and it strengthens their bone density. Because it makes your bones stronger, it can reduce your risk of bone degeneration, such as osteoporosis, as you get older.

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is where the real workout is going to come in. If you don’t have a heavy bag, or have room to hang a heavy bag, there are some good alternatives. It really depends on how creative you want to be. Some people have used car tires hung to post or placed an old mattress up against the wall. You can also use couch cushions.

While you’re training with the heavy bag, you’ll be using the majority if not all your muscles. You’ll be punching the heavy bag as well as kicking it. You can even duck from it if you want to be real. incorporate kicks

To get a feel for how a heavy bag workout should go, watch some videos of fighters training on the heavy bag. Pick up their routines, but don’t get frustrated if you don’t have moves like theirs right away. Everything good takes practice.

Strengthen Your Core

You’ve got a lot of cardio in this workout, but you also need to be strengthening your core. These are the stationary exercises such as pushups, sit ups, and leg lifts. They are also not as fun as the other parts of your workout. That aside, they are necessary.

Your core is all the muscle groups in your midsection. This includes the stomach area, your back and your sides. It’s basically everything excluding your arms and legs. Your core will help you with your strength and stability. Aim for 30 minutes of core workouts at least 3 times a week.

These various workouts will give you results, but it’ll take time to build your endurance. Stick with it and soon enough you’ll be cut like an MMA fighter.


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