Neida Ibarra wins the National Golden Gloves Tournament on Aug. 14

In boxing actions always speak louder than words and not a truer statement can be made about Neida Ibarra the quiet storm 132lb amateur female boxer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the first time in National Golden Gloves history the tournament took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And no Oklahoman showed up and showed out more than Tulsa’s own Neida Ibarra who became the first woman to win a National Golden Gloves out of Oklahoma.

Tulsa had a few fighters over the past 15yrs or so that showed potential but all fell short at the National Golden Gloves or Olympic Trials. Many took their short comings as amateur and turned pro after taking their losses. But not Ibarra she lost in the 2019 Olympic trials. She moved her training camp to Tulsa’s own Engine Room Boxing Gym and completely resurrected her career under the tutelage of the Engine Room’s head trainer Danny Skipper and owner Aaron Sloan. While Neida weathered the storm on the rocky road to success and it paid off on one of the biggest stages for an amateur boxer.

This past Saturday all the blood, sweet, tears, hard work, dedication late nights, early mornings, miles of running and thousands of rounds of sparring all paid off. As she beat 4 of the nations best female amateur boxers. Round one Ibarra defeated the number one 132lb ranked female boxer Amy Minter (California), round two Ibarra defeated Heather Cirka (Colorado/New Mexico), third round she defeated Carmona Montserat (DC). Then in the finals to claim the women’s 132lb National Golden Gloves champion Ibarra defeated Liz Leddy (New England).

Oklahoma has had many prestigious boxers come out of Oklahoma Sean O’Grady, Lethal Cecil Pettigrew, James Quick Tillis and Allan Green. Neida Ibarra is rapidly campaigning for her name to be on this list and single handedly making boxing comeback in Oklahoma.


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