Opinion: What’s Next for Henry Cejudo

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Former UFC two-division champion Henry Cejudo has announced his retirement not too long ago after retaining his belt against former champion Dominick Cruz. As he’s arguably one of the more talked about figures in the MMA world, Cejudo’s retirement shocked fans and critics alike, as some argue he has more to offer at the current stage of his career.

While there’s an argument to be made that Cejudo has accomplished everything there is to do in combat sports, one must think of potential matchups that’ll generate interest from UFC fans. Despite being retired, Cejudo is in a position where he’s able to get people speculating on whether or not he’d be getting involved in a future big fight. Furthermore, Cejudo, in that sense, has arguably become a special attraction, as many fans are still interested in the possibility of him fighting again.

In regarding of him possibly coming back, it’s been noted not too long ago that Cejudo stated his interest in potentially fighting against current Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. Volkanoviski, who’s scheduled to defend his title against Max Holloway in a championship rematch at UFC 251, has his stock risen as of late as he’s currently ranked the seventh pound-for-pound fighter according to the official rankings. Because of this, a potential matchup between the two combatants is sure to excite UFC fans.

“I’ve done everything in MMA. I’m satisfied with my career,” he told TMZ Sports. “There would only be one fight that would really bring me back, that would really wake me up in the morning … it would be Alexander Volkanovski.”

Though depending on whether or not Volkanovski can get past Holloway in their upcoming rematch, that match could very well happen considering the UFC would probably be interested in that very idea.

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Also, aside from Volkanovski, Cejudo facing Holloway would excite fans as well. With Holloway arguably more of an established name than Volkanovski, a match between him and Cejudo is a match that could realistically be a possibility. Holloway, much like Cejudo, is not only an exciting competitor in the octagon but is known for his charisma. To which a potential build up between the two fighters could be very entertaining.

Only time will tell on what’s next for Henry Cejudo and his future in the world of mixed martial arts.


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