Pakistan challenges the level of MMA in India

Brave Combat Federation will host the 20th edition of the event in India on 22nd December at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, India. With major fights announced, India is set to host the biggest mixed martial arts event in the history. The event marks the return of Brave Combat Federation to India. And this time, the MMA community in Pakistan is closely following the event in India as Brave 17 held in Pakistan reignited the age old sports rivalries between the two nations which spilled into the sports of Mixed Martial Arts.

Brave 17 held in Lahore, Pakistan witnessed the first mixed martial arts event held in Pakistan and showcased local Pakistani stars facing International stars. Not only did multiple Pakistani fighters get forward with wins but also showcased dominant performances and even called out for bouts against Indian fighters of which most of the top Indian fighters kept their silence and are yet to respond including Abdul Muneer, Mohammed Farhad, Kantaraj Agasa and Govind Ale. Mehmosh Raza set a record for the fastest submission and fastest finish in the promotion against Arben Escayo at a mere 23 seconds.

Most Pakistani fighters and fans from the MMA community have pointed that Brave 17 showcased a bigger show than the one that took place in India and Pakistani mixed martial artists winning against international athletes. Currently all the Indian fighters signed with Brave Combat Federation are with a loss in their previous fight. The only fighter who came out with a win was Mohd Farhad who knocked out out Irfaan Khan from India.

“We got what we need to take over this business. Get me an Indian fight. Pakistan versus India. Who wants to see that?”, Mehmosh Raza called out after his 23 second with at Brave Combat Federation in Lahore.

The growing rivalry adds pressure upon Indian fighters and Indian MMA community as the date for Brave 20 draws near. The fight card is stacked with Indian fighters going against credible names in global MMA including, Kantaraj Agasa facing Jalal Al Daaja, Abdul Muneer facing Ali Qaisi and Keith Lee facing Angad Bisht. The event will have the largest global broadcast coverage for a mixed martial arts event in India.


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