Wednesday night was a great night of fighting for Des Moines, Iowa. AFC held another quality show in the big city, this time with a upgraded sound system. Here are the results, and summary as I saw it.

1 Bobby Holmberg vs Chase Trevino

Round 1- Holmberg comes out working leg kicks and kicks to the body mostly, Trevino is slow. starting, when he finds a punch to land Holmberg doesn’t like it, but continues not to have much head movement. Holmberg landing more strikes via leg kicks. Trevino gets a take down, and lands an illegal elbow to the face of Holmberg. Ref stands them up scolding Trevino of no elbows (ammy rule). Ref gives Holmberg a couple minutes to shake it off. Fight resumes, Holmberg works his leg kicks repeatedly when it’s there, not interesting in punching much. At a point in the 2nd round Trevino begins to show his leg is possibly being affected, by slightly different reaction and footwork. 3rd round Holmberg is not committing to his punches at all now. Trevino senses such and begins his leg kicks. Holmberg clearly slowed, showig no interest in landing anything of substantial, now is bleeding and showing a black eye starting as result of Trevino stepping into his punches more through the 3rd. Holmberg appears to be throwing strikes just to eat up clock, stall, and/or to keep Trevino back or guessing. Holmberg through the 3rd, showing no interest in this fight, while Trevino builds momentum throughout the 3rd.

Winner: Trevino Unanimous Decision

2 Tommy Shehan vs James Gordan

Gordon starts the fight charging straight forward across the cage, grabbing a clinch against the cage while landing several right hooks to the body of Shehan, followed with a vicious uppercut that misses, as Shehan circles out off the cage. Now Shehan taking his turn landing strikes with Gordon against the cage. Gordon not in any panic keeps eye contact, slipping, ducking Shehans flurry. Gordan with limited footwork at this moment fails to get his back off the cage and Shehan catches him with a right hand that drops straight down to the canvas, without Shehan pursuing him.

Winner: Shenan round 1 KO

3 Ethan Downen vs Barret Brown

Dowden comes out throwing a hard right hand that misses, then soon finds a front kick that lands to the face area. Barret gets a couple takedowns, and ends round 1 in top position. Barret soon gets a leg trip, then side control. Barret soon gets a crucifix and is landing many shot to Downens face with ref closely watching, Downen is stuck and doesn’t have an answer, till round 2 closes. Barret starts round 3 with a quick take down and finds a Head/arm choke, fast.

Winner: Head/arm choke round 3

4 Bradley Love vs Joel Enriquez

Both fighters start off scrambling for position while it appears Enriquez is more interested in getting space and banging, Love smartly smothers him against the cage to slow things down. Love gets a take down, and is looking to have the edge in the grappling department. Round 2 Enriquez is starting to land some punches, Love clearly isn’t responding well. Enriquez not throwing anything that looks like bombs, gets Love to cover up, now with his back against the cage, standing, appearing frozen as Enriquez continues to throw and land. Love drops, still defending but not doing anything else as Enriquez continues now by GNP. The ref gives Love plenty of time to show him something but the ref has no choice but to stop it.

Winner: Enriquez

5 Brandi Smith vs Liz Goodman

Both fighters come out striking Goodman with a kick, then Smith with throwing a heavy punch, that misses. Goodman moves in, ties up, with Smith’s back against the cage, Goodman works the body of smith with right hands and a knee. Both fighters are slowed, Smith now has Goodman pinned against the cage, playing a careful game trying to gain position, but without risk of losing of position. Smith now trying to turn into Goodman, which doesn’t work. Goodman gets Smiths back, standing against the cage. Smith instantly retaliates, turning 180 off the cage, with a intentional backward slam of Goodman, attempting to shake her, unsuccessfully. Goodman transitions into a arm bar attempt, which looks to be threatening Smith. Smith careful, doesn’t panic, and defends until Goodman advances. Goodman, on top executing heavy ground and pound to the head of Smith, the round closes. Round 2 both fighters exchange a couple punches, Smith throwing a heavy right hand that misses again, throws another then lands a heavy left hand on Goodman, that drops her flat on her back. Smith follows her to the canvas, Smith now in top position. Goodman crafty continues to work submissions and find another solid armbar attempt that has Smith in a little trouble. Smith follows her corner’s instruction then, gets her elbow out, grabs full mount, you can sense her surge in urgency/energy as she captures the moment she has been waiting for. Smith unloads heavy leather on Goodman who is stunned, and just covering up, moving a little, but not enough. Smith lands estimated 20 unanswered punches, as the ref stops it. Goodman gets up clearly disappointed, as Smith jumped up with huge emotions and expresses her pleasure to the crowd, on both sides of the cage.

Winner: Smith Round 2 TKO GNP

6 Anthony Salazaar vs Jeff Davis

Davis starts off lunging forward with punches, Salazaar times it and clips Davis hard with a single right hand. Salazaar movement looks precise, and calculated. Davis looks aggressive, and wanting to get inside and work while Salazaar appears to want to keep Davis on the outside, making Davis struggle to get inside. At a point Salazaar catches a Davis kick, Salazaar returning fire while hold his leg, dropping Davis hard. Salazaar allows Davis up, preferring to stand. Eventually Salazaar drops davis yet again, this time Davis stays down. Salazaar not taking the bait, waves at davis to stand back up. Davis finally finds a clinch against the cage, but Salazaar gets a trip, and finishes davis with a vicious left and rights and rights repeatedly, as ref stops it.

Winner: Salazaar round 2 TKO GNP

7  Kameron Jordan vs Zech Heller
135 AFC Title (Amatuer)

Heller starts off with a head kick to Jordan’s head/neck area. Jordan instantly returns the same, but lands it, more solid it seemed. Jordan seems slightly more determined, and soon gets Heller down against the cage, implementing solid GNP Heller likely stunned doesn’t respond much, as ref is forced to stop in, before the fight really even got going.

Winner: Jordan round 1 TKO GNP

8 Justin Morrison vs Adem Mujakic

Mujakic stuns right away, send ing him backwards toward the cage as Mujakic pursues with a near flying knee to the mid section of morrison now with his back against the cage and is punishing Morrison the 1st round with GNP against the cage. Morrison in round 2 turns things around with his own grappling skills, and GNP in the exact same location in the cage, against the fence, now roles reversed. Morrison punishes a little making Mujakic risk getting up, which is when Morrison catches him with a standing guillotine as Morrison arch’s and presses Mujakic into the cage at the same time he is squeezing. Mujakic is forced to tap.

Winner: Morrison Guillotine round 3

9 Damon Shehan vs Ago Huskic

Ago led this dance the entire fight, Shehan never seemed to get any continuity to his movements or strikes, while Huskic looked like he could do no wrong. Huskic puts on a striking clinic, Shehan appeared very hesitant throughout, in a fight he seemed to only land a couple solid strikes, with no grappling threat. Huskic unloaded leg kicks, to a downed Shehan repeatedly, at one time landing 3 back to back to back like a machine gun, that appeared ferocious. When Shehan laid his thigh down, side ways to defend, Ago then stomped Shehan’s ankles and leg. Sheahan obviously never mentally into this bout and had no answer for anything Huskic tried. Huskic eventually gets Shehan down against the cage and ground and pounds him till the ref stops it.

Winner: Huskic round 2 TKO ref stop

10 Cory Simpson vs Jonathon Thomson

Thomson starts strong, is Striking looks long, and his wrestling strong. Its obvious Thomson has the advantage on the ground. Thomson gets Simpson down and give shim enough of a dose of GNP that when the round 1 ends, cory is already showing lumps to his temple cheek areas. Both stand and trade at a point, but it seems Thomson as time goes on, finds some success striking from distance, sticking certain shots, due to his reach advantage. Wearing his trademark purple and pink trunks etc, Simpson defends several takedown attempts against the cage. Simpson defending the take down attempt continuosly, against the cage, then finds a target for right 11-5 elbows, to side of Thomson’s head, over in over, Thomson takes many, massive elbows from Simpson. Thomson, obviously not wanting to give up on his position is forced to let go, Simpson finding opportunity for a brutal knee to the face of Thomson, as he goes limp, then defending as Simpson attacks with his well known GNP flurries. Simpson, in top position is unloading with Thomson not doing a lot to defend, or at attempting to get out of this situation. Simpson lands many shots during this time and it’s reasonable to all this could be close to the end of the fight. The ref does not stop it, and Simpson threw and landed so many hard shots it appeared, assuming it would be stopped, though it appeared perfectly reasonable at the time. Thomson now possibly sensing Simpsons fatigue by slowed punches or breathing maybe, now makes his move, and gains top position, now taking his turn on Simpson as Simpson is clearly showing signs of fatigue or frustration. Between 2 and 3, Thomson eye movement is showing he is still showing effects from Simpsons elbows and knee. It is amazing Thomson was able to not just survive the 2nd but actually advance position before that round ended, clearly not doing well in his corner. 3 starts, eventually Thomson takes over, in top position he is landing, and Simpson is defending, But not doing much from bottom, Identical to the 2nd round when roles were reversed, this time the ref stops it. Simpson jumps up, clearly not dazed, showing disgust towards the ref, disputing the stoppage. Simpson instantly walks out the cage, highly disappointed. In a very entertaining, back in forth hard hitting bout, Thomson showed he can weather a beating, then find his way to the AFC Super Welterweight Title. Both men worthy of the title, but only 1 can be crowned the Champion.

Winner: Thomson round 3 ref stop

EVENT DATE: NOV 21, 2018

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