Partnering With Other Gyms Can Make You Both More Successful

Owning a gym is so much fun! You get to do what you love and help others live a healthy lifestyle. Owning a gym can be challenging though. There are many other gyms out there creating direct competition for your business. Instead of looking at them as competition, think of other gyms as partners in helping your local community get healthier. Here are some ideas on how you can work with other gyms to create a healthier and fitter community together.

Consolidate Local Web Efforts

Having and maintaining an online presence is essential today. If you’re a small gym owner, web and social media presences can be challenging to keep up with. In fact, b2b ecommerce can have a significant effect on your online reach. This is why you should work with other gyms to create better online access opportunities. 

For instance, e-customers expect you to be accessible at all hours. This isn’t possible if you’re a small business owner. But if you’re one of a coalition of gym owners, you can work shifts to stay on top of messages for all gyms involved. To do this, partner with gyms that aren’t selling the exact same service you are. 

Offer a Multi-Gym Pass

Like with managing ecommerce, you can partner with gyms in other ways too. If your gym specializes in a certain type of fitness and another nearby gym focuses on a different type of fitness that will compliment what you’re offering, offer a deal and work together. For instance, if you own a CrossFit gym, and there’s a yoga gym and an MMA gym nearby, partner with them to offer a pass that will allow members to go to classes at all gyms. Stretching regularly will help a CrossFitter improve their gymnastics moves. Likewise, working on strength and conditioning at a CrossFit gym will help a fighter improve their fight-readiness. 

No matter who you partner with, exposing your members to other types of fitness will broaden their horizons. It will also expand their community. As your gym members attend classes at another gym, they’re more likely to encourage and bring over members from other gyms to your location. Plus, having these options will encourage members to stay put instead of dropping their membership with you in favor of a gym that offers more variety. 

Plan an Event Together

Like with a class pass, planning an event that brings in gym members from all over the local community will benefit your gym as well as the gyms you’re partnering with. This will work better if you stick to a certain type of fitness. 

For instance, work with another gym to plan a CrossFit competition where local gyms compete against each other. Working with other gym owners will mean it’s easier to share resources. Likewise, plan a local yoga retreat with your yoga class. Bring in a master and split the cost with other gyms so that you can encourage attendance at the program. The bigger the event seems, the easier it will be to attract people and convince them to come. 

Partner with Other Events

If you’ve got too much going on to plan a big event on your own, even with the help of other gyms, be a part of someone else’s event. For instance, if there’s a big footrace in your local community, offer to help athletes warmup for the event. Or offer to help them cool down with yoga stretches. 

This is a great way to work with other gyms in the community. Plus, it’ll help you meet and network with potential new members. You also get all the good feelings associated with giving back. 

If no big events are coming up, you’ve also got the option to put on a community class at a park or in another community space. This is something you can do with other gyms to potentially reach a larger audience. You can partner with similar gyms here, or partner with gyms that are different from yours to create a unique fitness experience. 

There are so many ways you can partner with other gyms to help improve services and offerings to your members.


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