Pride Rules MMA Podcast Is Back! New show new format

FightBook MMA Productions announces the rebirth of Pride Rules MMA podcast with producer and President of FightBook MMA Rudy Lara. They were in hiatus and now they’re back in full force. Host of the show is Tommy Dee and co-host is MMA Vet Tyler King.

Tommy is a writer and covers events in the Jersey area for FightBook MMA and is also a die-hard MMA fan. Tyler is an MMA Vet and a friend of FightBook MMA. He’s fought all over the world and is ready to start his new chapter with Pride Rules MMA. Their goal is to bring you the best insight on MMA not just from a fighting standpoint, but the business as well. Each week they will discuss everything that is going on in the sport of MMA.

Stay tuned to FightBook MMA for all your Combat Sports news.

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