Randy McCarty talks about his fight at SWB7 and what to expect this year in his fighting career

LAS CRUCES, NM (Tue, March 27, 2018)– American Fight League: “SOUTHWEST BRAWL 7” will take place in Las Cruces, NM at the Convention Center on Saturday March 31, 2018.

In the co-main event, Randy McCarty from Las Cruces, NM training out of Red Spider MMA will go against Jacob Ortiz from San Manuel, Arizona fighting out of Power MMA.

McCarty is ranked 67th of 144 active US Southwest Pro Middleweights and ranked 23rd of 61 active Texas Pro Middleweights. Before Randy steps in the cage at the Southwest Brawl 7 event, he sat down with FightBookMMA to talk about his upcoming fight.

Randy my man glad to be able to talk to you before your upcoming fight this Saturday.
Before we start, how did your nickname “Wreck-it” come about?
I was trying to get more sponsors and talked with a guy with experience with that, and he said I needed a “brand” or fight name… so I asked my fans on Facebook and they came up with around 10 different possibilities… so I asked them to vote which of the 10 would be best, then shortened the list 2 more times …leaving the top 3 for the last vote… and it was voted to be the best fit for me… and it truly has been. I didn’t have to take a fight name that others have, and I think it fits me well.

Right on, so Randy, out of all the sports you can pick why MMA? 

MMA is the most challenging combat sport I have found, I love challenges and I want to know what how I’m training is viable.  

What makes you different from other fighters?
I think 2 things… my age(43) and my attitude towards this game…I became a pro athlete at 39, my biggest year I fought 10x between MMA and boxing.  I love to fight and it shows in my attitude,  I’m smiling and having fun each fight.
What would you be doing if fighting was something you couldn’t do? 
Loving life and whatever life brings me, I find away to enjoy myself in almost any situation.
Can you talk to us about your entrance to the cage because I’ve seen it live and I love it, how did that started?
1st time I fought in AZ, my coach wanted me to move around before the fight but not to show that I’m a south paw, so I asked if I could dance he said he didn’t care. When I started dancing, the crowd loved it and I stole the crowd from my AZ opponent… since then it’s been a staple for me. 
That’s awesome! You recently fought Border Fight Fest 14 anything different or is it business as usual coming into this fight in Las Cruces? 
A little different, after my last MMA fight I tore my Achilles and had to hand surgery,  so this is my 1st mma fight back.  Plus this is my home.
You’ll be fighting at the Southwest Brawl 7 as you will take on Jacob Ortiz, how’s training so far and what can we expect with this fight? 
Training has been exciting,  I’ve never had this long of a layoff between fights, plus having to get back into shape are both challenging,  but I am peaking at just the right time. I look to have a quick finish or the fight of the night!!!
How does it feel fighting in your hometown any added pressure? 
Not added pressure but different. I will see people after the fight and seem to get asked questions a lot about why and how I do what I do. 
Anything you would like to tell your opponent before you face him in the cage? 
(Laughs) not really, just happy he accepted the fight, and let’s have fun. 
After this fight, you have any other fights coming up either in MMA or Boxing? 
MMA yeah, two more with AFL this year, and hoping to get 4 or 5 boxing matches by December as well. My goal is 12 total fights in a year,  hopefully one year that goal will be met.
How do you feel about your accomplishments so far in MMA and in life? 
Life… that remains to be seen, but I’m very proud of my daughters, and love them tons.
MMA…. I’ve won some and learned(lost) some. I’ve learned more than I would like to have but,  hopefully I can put it all together and start teaching others in the cage,  meaning I don’t want to lose anymore.  MMA has helped me through hard times and I’ve enjoyed it through better times. I’m happy I’ve been able to fight as much as I have,  and I want so many more fights to come. 

Randy thank you for talking with me out of your busy schedule. Are there any sponsors or anyone you want to shout out the floor is yours? 

#LaNuevaCasitaCafe has been my longest standing sponsor,  such an honor for me to have had them back me all the years

#AFL American Fight League, thank you for giving me my 3 fight contract and believing in my abilities as a fighter
#FightBookMMA thank you for your sponsorship and the amount of MMA info you give out,  such a quality product you put out.
#esolutionscontracting has backed me a few fights now and are awesome local contractors that want to help their community.
#CarlosCadena is the doctor the put me back together, told me I would never fight again then after I proved them wrong way above and beyond by sponsoring me… thank you
#TimelessTranquility… Lisa is the best massage specialist I have ever met… and keeps me fight ready!
#PrecisionFitness Mike is an awesome strength and conditioning/nutritionist… he keeps me strong healthy and lean.
#KrentzRanch is a ranch in AZ that has chosen to sponsor a me after I meet one of the family members(Andy Krentz) at southwest sport and spine during my physical therapy for my Achilles. He knows how to get me ready and able to fight after a  major injury. Thank you so much.

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