Tebaris “Boom” Gordon Predicts Finish Over Greg Rebello in CES 60 Title Bout

Heavyweight heavy hitter Tebaris “Boom” Gordon returns to action against Greg Rebello in their battle for the CES Heavyweight Championship at CES 60 on Friday in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on UFC Fight Pass. Before that, the Dana White’s Contender Series alum caught up with FightBook MMA.

How did you find MMA to begin with?

I was really just sitting at home and one of my old football buddies called me up and asked if I could come wrestle with him to prepare for his fight. I didn’t even know what he was talking about, but he said I was the same size as the guy he was fighting (laughs). I went in to help him out, but I fell in love with it and I’ve stuck with it ever since then.

How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished so far?

It’s kind of shocking (laughs). I didn’t expect much out of it; I just wanted to stay active doing it, doing it to stay in shape. It’s crazy how far I’ve come. I’m enjoying it.

What did you take away from your most recent fight?

I hated it! It was my opportunity on the big stage and I got knocked down quickly. But that’s just a part of it — that’ what we do. Any time a heavyweight straps his gloves on, anything can happen. The fight helped put things in perspective.

That said, how excited are you to turn the page on that loss against Greg Rebello on Friday night?

I’m really excited to get in there with a vet and show what I can do. Come home with that belt.

What would that belt mean to you?

It’d mean a lot. I’m coming off a bad loss and was feeling down on myself. But I’ve been working so hard in all aspects. This would mean a lot, absolutely.

What’s the most likely outcome for this fight?

I’m sure it’s going to be a stoppage; I definitely don’t see it going five rounds. If it goes five rounds, I’m fine with that, I’m ready for that. But I don’t see it going that far; I see a referee stepping in (laughs).


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