The Best Baseball Positions To Play To Earn a Scholarship

Knowing the best baseball positions to play to earn a scholarship alerts you where you should take your defensive talents on the baseball diamond.

The Best Baseball Positions To Play To Earn a Scholarship

There are nine positions on the baseball diamond, with a few carrying more weight than others. Singling out which positions are more crucial for building a successful baseball team, you might find a way to get a trip to your dream college because they are the best baseball positions to play to earn a scholarship.

Put Me in Centerfield

Many of baseball’s greatest players covered the centerfield position over the decades. From Joe DiMaggio to Mike Trout, centerfield remains the premier outfield position, cementing itself as the captain of the outfield.

An elite centerfielder has impeccable range defensively because of their athletic prowess. And pairing that with an elite bat puts an all-around centerfielder in high demand. Universities have no qualms about throwing scholarship money toward a five-tool centerfielder, whereas corner outfielders are plentiful.

Man of the Middle Infield

As vital as the centerfielder is for the outfield defense, the shortstop is responsible for captaining the infield. Typically, the shortstop is interchangeable with the centerfielder for the best athlete on the team, but they usually have the strongest arm of anyone on the squad. For that reason, a shortstop sometimes doubles as a pitcher during their playing days.

Schools desire well-rounded shortstops on their baseball teams because they are so rare. There’s a reason why Alex Rodriguez signed a pair of record-breaking deals in Major League Baseball. A-Rod was a solid fielder that drove the ball with a heavy bat. If you are one of those players, you should have your pick of the litter when choosing where you want to go to college.

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The Backstopper

Being a catcher is hard work, but that makes them valuable. If you look back at the most recent MLB Drafts, a catcher is usually among the five top players picked. Rookie of the Year runner-up Adley Rutschman was the number one pick by the Baltimore Orioles because he was a rare commodity—a power-hitting catcher.

Universities will award you handsomely with an athletic scholarship, knowing how much being a full-time catcher takes a toll on your body. But is it worth the grind to jeopardize your knees and joints to get a free ride?

Rock and Fire

The golden goose of positions is, without question, the pitcher. The adage in baseball you’re only as good as today’s starting pitcher holds a lot of truth, considering a great one gives you the best chance at winning any game. The one downside of being a pitcher at a collegiate level is that many managers only care about the present. They aren’t concerned about your arm’s health if it’s a big game; they’ll pitch you until your arm falls off.

Learning the best baseball positions to play to earn a scholarship can help you improve your probability of earning your way into the school of your dreams. Shifting positions to one most sought is an intelligent tactic if you want to showcase your skills to interested parties.


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