The Best Pieces of Equipment For Your Boxing Gym

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If you are the owner of a boxing gym business or have a personal boxing gym in your home, you know how crucial good equipment can be to your success. Here are some ideas to help you pick out the equipment to give yourself or your clients the best chance at building strength and endurance.

Wall-Mounted Mirror

You may have seen a wall-mounted mirror at your local gym, but did you know that they are essential for boxing gyms as well? Whether you are buying equipment for your business or your personal gym, a mirror should be one of your first purchases. Contrary to popular belief, a mirror isn’t there to help you feel better about yourself. Instead, a mirror allows you to check your form. Making sure you have the proper form is critical when you are training for boxing. By watching yourself in the mirror, you can check your footwork, rhythm and technique, as well as make sure you don’t injure yourself.

Jump Rope

The jump rope is an underrated piece of gym equipment, probably because it is so common and inexpensive. Jumping rope can help you build strength in your legs, which will allow you to be lighter on your feet while boxing. A jump rope can also be integrated into high intensity interval training, which builds both endurance and breath control. Make sure you have this simple piece of equipment on hand in your gym.

Punching Bag

A punching bag is another piece of essential equipment when you are training for boxing. Bags come in multiple styles, including freestanding and double-ended. If you need to choose just one, you may want to consider a freestanding bag. This type of punching bag, which is made out of a high pressure die casting metal tube covered with multiple layers of fabric and filled with sand, gives you a full-body workout. Working out with a punching bag will increase your strength and power, which are a crucial part of winning any fight.

Boxing Gloves

A good pair of gloves will support your wrists and hands as you punch. Look for a comfortable pair that can withstand wear and tear. Gloves are meant to be worn during long hours of training, so this is one item you should invest in. If your hands are injured, your boxing career may be over, so protecting them is key.

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are a great supplement or alternative to boxing gloves. They can be worn on their own or underneath a pair of gloves for extra support. The hand is full of tiny bones that can easily be injured with one powerful punch or after long hours of training. A wrist wrap offers extra protection for your hands and minimizes stress on the skin of your knuckles.

Kick Pads

If you are training for kickboxing, a pair of kick pads can be especially useful. Kick pads allow you to strengthen your legs, which will allow you to deliver more powerful kicks in the ring. Training with kick pads also helps you improve your accuracy and speed.

Hand Weights

If you don’t have the budget or room to purchase a full-sized punching bag, hand weights can be a great addition to your work-out. These types of weights come in various sizes. You may want to choose a lighter one for a cardio workout or a heavier set for strength training.

Resistance Bands

“Having a strong lower body is important to successful boxing training. Resistance bands can help build muscle in your legs, which will lead to greater stamina.  While boxing bands can help your arms and elbows in tight. This is great for your resistance training to create lean muscle mass and for toning.  If you don’t have much extra space, resistance bands are a great option to save room.”

Boxing can be a highly rewarding activity, which allows you to get in shape and feel more confident. Whether you are simply interested in personal fitness or want to get in shape for a fight, having the right equipment can make or break your training sessions. Try investing in a few of these items to see the difference in your work-outs.


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