The Importance of Data in the Life of Gym Owners and How to Use It

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As a gym owner,  your focus might be on memberships, equipment and providing great customer service and results. Data may be very far from your mind, but it shouldn’t be. Data should have great significance in any gym owner’s life. It’s important to capture it and use it to your benefit. 

The Type of Data You’re Capturing and Why You Need It

You take in data every day about your members and their habits. Everything from what time they’re likely to come to the gym to how long they workout is important. Depending on the type of gym you own, the kind of data you take in and how you take it in may differ, but that doesn’t mean you’re not capturing it. 

Before thinking about what kind of data you should be capturing, it’s important to think about why you want to capture it. Using data successfully means having accurate and well-structured data that is formatted for a specific task. Knowing your goals first will help you wrangle the right data to meet your needs. 

Know Your Goals

For instance, are you trying to increase memberships? Then you may want to focus on how to capture data on what classes or equipment are most popular at your gym. Are you trying to build stronger athletes for a competition? Then you may want to focus on data surrounding results from individual strength cycles and workouts. 

Making Data Usable

It’s easy to figure out where this raw data is coming from, but it’s time consuming to collect it and organize it in a way that gives you the information you need. A platform for transforming data and helping communicate it into the language needed for output and results can be extremely beneficial. These platforms may seem complex to use, which is why a data wrangling cheat sheet can come in handy to learn the process and help you see what your data is capable of. 

Which Types of Data Should You Collect?

Now that you understand the importance of capturing and organizing data, and have thought about your goals, what data should you be collecting and using? Though this depends on individual goals, there are some obvious datasets for you to pull from. Whether it’s gym membership software to the items sold from the snack bar, here are some ideas on what you could be collecting and saving. 

Utilizing Membership Software to Your Advantage

Have you taken the time to look into your gym’s membership software capabilities? Though it varies by gym, this software collects a wealth of information. If it allows members to save their performance or strength improvements, it’s giving you access to the success of any strength cycles or other programming you’ve created. If it shows you what classes individual members sign-up for, it’s tracking data about what classes are most popular and what you should offer more of. 

Looking at membership software might even show you what price point is best to retain members. It can also show you how frequently members need to visit the gym on a weekly basis to fele their membership is a sound investment. This software can also show you what class times are most popular, and when you should offer more at a certain time. For instance, you might find that you should offer yoga classes after kickboxing, because members are likely to come to both.

Utilizing Nutrition Bar Data

Now take that data and pair it with data from the nutrition bar. Are members purchasing more items at a certain time of day or are certain types of food most popular? Taking this data and comparing it with the data from your membership dataset might show you nuances. For example, if you pair a kickboxing class with a yoga class, members are likely to stay for both. If members spend these two hours with you, they are more likely to purchase something from the nutrition bar. 

As you can see, data is important and it can be complicated. Comparing this sort of data can take time and work, but it’s so much easier with good data management software. Make sure you’re taking the time to make your data work for you.


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