The Real SlapFight Championship’s Biggest Event Yet: Armageddon


New York, NY: SlapFight Championship, the only authentic slap promotion is elevating the sport once again with the epic PPV event SlapFight Championship 15: Armageddon created by JT Tilley, the man who has ventured in the darkest hollers and samps to bring you the world’s most extraordinary slap athletes, and hosted by Space Cowboy and Jason Jones. All on March 4th at 8 PM ET on FITE. Order by Thursday, March 3rd and get Early Bird pricing of only $9.99. Order now.

The event will see Bell take on Frank the Tank in a “Right Handed Rematch.” The night also includes a 4-Man Super Heavyweight Tournament (with Highlander, Hardcore Hillbilly, 502 Slugger and Mufasa) plus The Guardian, Shamokin Thunder Clap, Baby Ray, Bayou Bastard, The Cannon, and Battle Axe. Post-fight interviews by Mr. Krystal.

The free Pre-Show with full-force slap action starts at 7:30 PM ET on March 4th. And learn all about the intense new sport in a special FITE in Focus with Josh Shernoff interviewing JT Tilley starting March 1st after 6:00 PM ET. They’ll explain the rules, the regulations and safety protocols, and what to expect from SlapFight Championship 15: Armageddon.



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