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Well hasn’t today been a blast in the world of Mixed Martial Arts? Here we cover news, thoughts, and headlines in days that deserve their own article. So without further ado:

UFC’s TV deal with ESPN:

This is interesting and I think it’s the right move. Starting from Spike TV, to FS1 and FOX, to now ESPN; this is the only TV deal that makes sense. ESPN is the premier network for sports so this is a great move for the UFC.

GSP vs. Nate Diaz Rumors

This is a fun idea but I highly doubt this happens.

Bottom Line: GSP has already stated that he is not back in the UFC for money, but only his legacy. Nate Diaz does very little for his legacy. For Diaz it makes a bit more sense but this fight is being targeted for UFC 227; a card that is presumably being headlined by Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt. This means Nate would not receive PPV points, thus meaning not the payday he is looking for.

50 Cent and Bellator?

Stop. Stop the nonsense!

Gustafsson vs. Rockhold for Interim LHW Championship


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