Top 3 Boxing Simulators

Human beings have a violent streak in us. Our history is dotted with numerous wars, battles, and fights. Our need for violence has allowed us to create a sport that gives us a medium to express our violence in a controlled form. Boxing is a product of human beings’ ability to deliver a vicious beat down on one another. It is a sport that has existed since the early days of humanity. You can find records of this in old architectural work, with the oldest is the Sumerian sculpture found in Iran. The Sumerian sculpture dates as far back as the third millennium.

Other works from Egypt, Greece, and India also showed that boxing was not limited to a location. Different people of the world instinctively thought of it. In Greek works, some pictures depict the use of bandages wrapped on the arm. These were the earliest examples of gloves being used. Thus, from bare Knuckle boxing, enthusiasts gradually introduced safety measures.

From being a gory sport, boxing has become less gory and more celebrated among people. Different films have been made about boxing. There is the vintage Rocky, Creed, Southpaw, etc. Also, different games have been developed. Boxing has even come far along now, with boxers being protected more and a new boxer species are now created. We call these boxers the e-boxers or the virtual boxers. They are the boxers that enjoy the combat sport of boxing through gaming simulations. They can pull off different skills and moves by delicately inputting the relevant commands from their controllers.

 Almost everyone appreciates boxing, and more people are getting into it with the rise of games. These boxing games are a hit and have made quite a several sales. Different titles come out each year that gamers don’t know what to choose. We would give you the three best boxing simulators or game you can invest your time and cash on in this post.

Why You Should Play Boxing Games.

Unlike other combat games like Tekken, Street Fighter, boxing games is not just about using deadly combo attacks. We mean no disrespect to these iconic combat games, but boxing games offer so much more in strategy and tactics. Also, they are so much fun to play, and technology has made the simulation more realistic than ever. So, when you play boxing games, you will appreciate the sport more and understand the thought process that goes through the mind of every boxer during a match.

Also, if you don’t want to task yourself on the tactics and strategies of boxing in a video game, you can play the arcade type of boxing game and have fun. Interestingly, some VR arcade type of boxing allows you to exert yourself physically while having fun.

Top 3 Boxing Simulations

EA Fight Night Series: EA Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champions

EA is one of the gaming companies that take the icing on the cake when it comes to gaming. EA sports are respected for boxing simulation, especially in game mechanics, realistic graphics, and engaging storyline. Both were released on PS3 and Xbox 360. The two titles are unarguably the best in the EA Fight Night series, and they offer you what most boxing simulations don’t offer gamers. They offer you the ability to feel and live as a boxer. Virtually, of course.

The two simulations have allowed you to create your boxer in your image. You get to choose your training schedules and when you are going to fight. When you do decide to fight, it is not about power alone. You have to be very tactical in how you go into the fight. The AI is smart, and each boxing opponent had their special mode of attack that you have to work to conquer. If you are playing Fight Night Round 4, you must also factor your stamina when you fight. If you don’t conserve your stamina, it will be as though you are asking for a knockout.

The story in Champions is more engaging, and it tells an emotional tale of a boxer who has fallen and is trying to pick himself up from his failure instead of blaming the people that set him up. The man chooses boxing to abandon the darkness of his past, and you must help the man become the champion. The Fight Night series is one of the legendary boxing simulations out there. They are a must-play for boxing simulation enthusiasts.

Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed has to be one of the best boxing movies ever made. The continuation of Sylvester Stallone as a legendary boxer who has become a trainer is just perfect. The creed movie had an emotional attachment to the fans before it even got its theatrical release. The second part of the movie continued the story and added more flames to fans’ emotions.

If you think that was it from the Creed franchise, you have thought wrong. There is a 2018 game that gives fans more Creed feelings. The Creed: Rise to Glory is one of the most exciting boxing games ever released. Fight Night lets you feel like a boxer, but with Creed, you will become a boxer as it is a virtual reality game that involves you throwing some real punches. The plot of the game is simple, train as Adonis Creed under Rocky Balboa and become the best. However, you might find out that being the best doesn’t come easy as this game will leave you exhausted yet satisfied.

The graphics of the game is top-notch, and the combat system is very realistic. Just be calm when you are playing, so you don’t hit more wind than opponents.

Knockout Kings

We end our list by going far into the past to dig out one of the classics. We assure you that we are not biased towards EA games, but they are associated with some of the best games, boxing included. Knockout king was developed for EA sports by Black Ops Entertainment in 2000 for PlayStation 1. However, with the release of PlayStation 2nin 2001, it got an optimized version for PlayStation 2. The game is everything you want for fun. It has some legendary boxers and very engaging gameplay. The use of combo is delightful in this game. It was no wonder it was a hit when it was released and it is still considered one of the best boxing simulations ever.

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