Ylies Djiroun Refuses To Be Drawn Into Mind Games Ahead Of BRAVE CF 51

Marseille, France – Frenchman Ylies Djiroun has always maintained a poise throughout his career, something he probably learned during his experience on the French reality TV show Secret Story. A fighter’s fighter, Djiroun debuted at BRAVE Combat Federation against the Russian submission specialist Abdulrakhman Makhaziev last March and came out victorious in a flawless guillotine that sent waves within the Lightweight division.

A few weeks later, Djiroun was offered another Lightweight fight at BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here against Englishman Sam “The Future” Patterson who secured all his professional victories via stoppage. Set on climbing the division’s ladder, Djiroun accepted and began preparing for an explosive fight night June 4th in Minsk, Belarus.

The match-up captured the attention of many, most notably the current BRAVE CF Lightweight World Champion Amin Ayoub, a teammate and personal friend of Djiroun. Ayoub went on the record to predict a second round knockout in favor of Djiroun and that “Ylies Djiroun will do something dirty to Sam Patterson.”

The statement poked Patterson into coming forth and saying a few things about the champion: “My name is in his mouth, he’s talking about me, I’m not talking about the champ.” Nonetheless, Patterson had Djiroun in his mouth and mocked his performance saying  “If the Ylies from the clips I’ve seen shows up, he’s going to be in trouble against me.”

The series of events got Djiroun to speak out about his upcoming fight, something the former reality show star rarely does. “Sam talks a lot, he likes trash talk, not me, I like to fight,” Djiroun said. “The clash is not my thing. I prefer to use my energy to train. See you on June 4”.

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Djiroun continued by sending a message to his foe and commented on Patterson’s statement that he could beat anyone who puts their name on the dotted line.

“I hope that his words will have given him power because he will need it,” Djirou says. “He says he’s going to beat me. I say that I have a family to support and that I’m ready to do anything for that.”

The two Lightweights will be facing each other at BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here, an event in association with Rukh Sport Management (RSM), at the Falcon Club in Minsk, Belarus on June 4th.


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