Utmost Wellness Tips for Fighters

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Fighting is a sport that’s done across all dimension of your organism: mind, body and spirit. To be a successful fighter who prioritizes wellness, you need to take care not only of the physical component of your body, but also about your mind and spirit. In this guide, we’re bringing you an overview of how to pursue complete and all-around wellness as a fighter.

Emotional Tips for Fighters

Work on the Psychological Dimension

Just like you learned about muscles, moves and strategies for fighting, you can learn about the psychological background behind it all. It will be useful during your training sessions and sparing, but especially during real fights.

There is a myriad of literature from psychology and behavioural science that can help you find out what’s affecting your performance and how to improve your fighting. Online services like Studyker (a professional academic writing service) or WriteScout (a platform of essay writing experts) publish this type of research backed up by scientific evidence.

Know Your Motivation and Strengthen Grit

When you first start training, it’s like you’re on cloud nine: you feel amazing, motivated and incredibly ambitious (at least the majority of people do). That’s when the motivation curve starts flipping and turning and starts resembling a rollercoaster.

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To create a stable, linear curve of increasing motivation and growth, you need to tackle those things that create slumps in your enthusiasm for fighting. That’s where grit comes in: you have to actually get dressed and go to the gym even on days when you don’t want to – and especially then! In the long run, this will provide you with the sense of control over your behaviours and increase self-confidence and wellness.

Training Tips for Fighters

Challenge Your Limits

Wellness is a funny concept. Many of us primarily associate it with spa-like self-care days where you sleep a lot, relax and take it easy. This is why the notion of actually working hard and pushing your limits to benefit your well-being seems paradoxical. Well, in the long run, training outside of your comfort zone and pushing the limits created by fear and insecurities is what will improve your overall wellness.

Allow Yourself to Rest

Training hard is the road to well-being and self-confidence, but you also need to know how and when to rest. What’s most difficult about this is, when you’re super-motivated and hyped to go on, is to just unwind and take a break. Still, your muscles need that, as well as your nerves. Try getting into a fixed structure of training-rest sessions if you don’t know how to unwind and relax.

Create Atomic Habits

In his bestseller Atomic Habits, author James Clear suggests that the road to creating good habits that will benefit your wellness is not really about revolutionary, upside-down changes. Rather, it’s about making tiny, healthy choices throughout your day.

So, even if you’re training hard for your next fight, pay attention to the other tiny bad habits that may be setting you back. Even the most trivial changes, like running for a minute or two longer can bring massive effects over months and years.

Health Tips for Fighters

Eat Clean

This is one of the most basic tips for wellness that you’ll find any time you look for advice on this, but it’s important to reiterate it nonetheless. What you eat has a direct impact over how you train, perform and fight, period.

“Test and tweak your diet according to what works for you, not what everyone’s raving about. The perfect diet for each fighter is highly individual and personalized, which is why you’ll need to experiment and come to conclusions about what to eat on your own”, says Ben Geller, a writer at Subjecto.


Any person who prioritizes and actively works on personal wellness will tell you that meditation is one of its most important components. Meditation is perfect for learning how to control over-thinking, battle anxiety and self-doubt. If you’re not really sure how it’s done, try starting with an easier mode, such as guided meditation or visualization.

Get Fresh Air

When spending hours at the gym coupled with your everyday work schedule, it’s easy to forget to get your daily dose of fresh air. However, getting enough fresh air is directly linked to wellness and your overall sense of health and fitness. So, instead of hopping in your car to get to the gym or to the store, opt for walking instead.


Working on your wellness as a fighter has to be continuous, deliberate and powerful. Your wellness is like the basis that you need to build your success and strength. Make sure you work on all dimensions of your being to achieve a full, well-rounded sense of well-being. When you achieve this, it will strongly reflect on your abilities and performance in the ring.


Melanie Sovann is a professional writer working with some of the biggest essay writing companies online, such as TopEssayWriting and ClassyEssay. She’s passionate about science, health and fitness and has been training kickboxing for 7 years.

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