Victor Superman Moreno to FightBookMMA’s Cameron Chrisp On Recent Extreme Kickboxing Middle Weight Title Capture

Victor Moreno (4-0) defeated Chase Bennett (0-1) in a dominant performance to capture the Extreme Kickboxing middleweight championship, in the 3rd round of 5 scheduled October 19th in Jefferson, Iowa. With both men standing well over 6 ft. tall Chase Bennett, in his pro debut proves he’s not worried about accepting huge challenges. Hats off to Bennett for being the man to save this Main Event title fight at the very last minute when it seemed no one else wanted to face the multi time pro MMA champion in Moreno. Considering Moreno’s massive MMA fight experience, having over 60 professional MMA bouts, combined with roughly 100 amateur fights before turning pro, Bennett performed well considering the circumstances.  

Chrisp: Victor give fight fans your perspective on why the fight ended in your opinion, aside from  the official fight result.

Moreno: “He just quit because of frustration, and that shit hurt”

Of course fans always want to see a thrilling conclusion to fights in most cases, Bennett appeared to display good awareness by understanding when enough was enough, and the “risk vs reward”, also the odds of probability involved in this contest. Considering his gaps in training leading up to the fight due to life getting in the way, compounded with not knowing ahead of time he would be fighting, still was able to take the bout into the 3rd round before deciding he was done. Some fans don’t understand fighters at times take fights to support heir families and/or just because they love to compete, vs being in their best shape possible. This was one of those times, after speaking with Bennett (post fight).

Chrisp: What happened to your original opponent Derek Loffer (29-3)

Moreno: I heard he got a fight with Glory next month. So he didn’t want to risk getting injured, beat up, or sore, which is understandable if it’s that or a family member getting ill or something. It’s no big deal he Loffer would be a walk in the park too, so it’s not like the outcome would be any different.

Chrisp: With Loffer getting a offer to fight in Glory Kickboxing considering your situation, that has to be frustrating aside from losing a great opponent, last minute.

Moreno: Dude, it’s all about who you know and what you can do. Back to it, nobody wants to fight a guy with this many fights, and on a roll. That’s a dangerous fight. But whatever, someone will take the bait. We’ll get there (top tier promotions).

Chrisp: Have you thought about defend the belt against next has that been talked about yet or what do you have planned for the future?

Moreno:.  We’ll see I reach out to management people all the time it’s hard to get people to pick up but I’m just going to focus on one thing at a time, Right now I’m choosing on just building a strong group at the gym. I’m hoping to get a good match up around the beginning of the year.

I mean it’s got to start making sense. I know it’s hard to get opponents and everything but both times I fought for them (Extreme Kickboxing), it was a two-day notification, then a 4 day. That’s the story of my career. I just have that honor, if my face is on the poster you are going to see me there, I don’t back out of fights, I know what I’m signing up for.

Chrisp: Do you know what weight you want the next fight to be?

Moreno: I don’t know I perform best at welterweight 170 lb although I did feel pretty damn good at 185 in this last kickboxing fight. I’d like to fight at 170, 175 whatever I can get. Whatever it is, it’ll be a title fight. Whatever it is, you have to offer these guys a trophy or a belt to fight me you know (referring to regional promotions).

Chrisp: Although I know it’s not your style, have you thought of calling anybody out in a bigger promotion to get more attention from bigger promotions?

Moreno: No. I see these guys I’ve fought in the past that I beat or you know are 1-1 (pro) and they are getting signed (speaking of high level promotions). You know I want to fight those guys. Everybody I’ve lost too, I want to fight them. All that other shit, that didn’t count, that wasn’t me I was a lost little kid then. This is different the whole mental game. It’s in me I feel it but I tried to fight everybody but nobody wants to fight (sighs).

Chrisp: Considering most of your experience is an MMA, would you consider kickboxing at a higher level if the opportunity presented itself?

Moreno: I’d love to do kickboxing at a higher level, anything in Combat Sports. I will do anything. I’m always in the gym, I’m always doing something. What I pray for are short notice fights, where here it is take your shot, check it out. That is what I train for all the time. That’s why I’m always in the gym, man. If my number gets called I’m going to answer the damn phone.

Chrisp: You just (unofficially) opened your new gym Absolute Martial Arts and Fitness in Johnston, Iowa for registration, at the start of November. In the past you’ve mentioned your long-term training partners of Miguel Rios, Rakim Cleveland, Chance Cretsinger, Elvis Mutapic among several others. Tell your fight fans a bit more about how you like to train and this new gym.

Moreno: My family and I, built this gym. It’s like a fresh start for a lot of things. Giving the kids something they can do every single day, and enjoy doing it, for myself, and for the MMA community, I’m giving them another outlet here, as a lifestyle. I have so much fighting experience, I don’t need to spar. I love the technique aspect and I love getting in great shape. I will always be in great shape.

When FightBookMMA reached out to Chase Bennett for a statement on the fight and it’s ending, Bennett had stated that he hadn’t fought in over a year, hadn’t been training consistently or at all over the last 3 months but considering he had a child and needed to work more, the fight purse, combined with an offer to compete was too tempting to turn down.

When FightBookMMA asked if Bennett was familiar with Moreno, before taking the fight he replied:

Bennett:  I didn’t do much research on him I heard he was a good fighter, but I needed the money. Usually when I am going to fight I will do a lot of strength and conditioning to build my legs. I will also do a lot of sparring rounds. My body and pain tolerance we’re not in their usual shape.

Chase stating that he was not in as good of shape as he normally would be for fights went on,

Bennett: “I have a lot of fighting experience and knew I could just use a lot of Defense.”

When FightBookMMA caught up with Cox about Moreno’s multiple replacement opponents just days before the show, he stated

Cox: “We were really excited about the Loffer fight, and it sucked to lose it the week of the show. We tried to get Darrius Flowers but he was too heavy. We were lucky to get Chase to step up on a couple days notice and take the fight. Although he is most known as a MMA fighter, Victor is a very accomplished Kickboxer. He simply had too many weapons for Chase to handle and Victor won the fight easily. I really enjoy doing kickboxing events and I really like doing events at Wild Rose Casino. I would like to thank Travis, Billie, and Krystal at Wild Rose Casino for all their help making the shows run smoothly.”

Cox: I really enjoy doing kickboxing events and I really like doing events at Wild Rose Casino. I would like to thank Travis, Billie, and Krystal at Wild Rose Casino for all their help making the shows run smoothly.”

Chrisp:  Tell us your thoughts on how and why the fight ended

Bennett: I started feeling his leg attacks in my knee area, in the third round. I wasn’t willing to risk being injured for a short notice fight, nor did I feel like he deserved to finish me (considering being a late replacement). So I had the ref stop it before something happened to my leg. I would be more than willing to rematch him.

Victor Moreno’s new gym is currently open for registration for new clients and plans a Grand Opening targeted around the beginning of 2020. You can follow Victor at Absolute Martial Arts and Fitness on IG, VMoreno14 on IG, and Victor Moreno on Facebook for more information. You can also go to Absolute-Martial to review programs, class schedules, and costs.

Chrisp: Closing thoughts?

Moreno: “I want to thank my wife Libby, without her all of this would not be possible.”

(regarding training fulltime/Full time fighter/opening new gym)

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