WAKO USA Media Director KJ Kordick & Host of ‘Kickin It With KJ’ Diagnosed With Similiar Condition As Invicta’s Pam Sorenson, Rushed To Different Hospital

KJ Kordick hours ago, has been diagnosed with an identical size tumor as Invicta MMA star Pam “BAM” Sorenson. KJ Kordich voted FightBookMMA’s 2018 color commentator of the year, hours earlier was rushed from Burlington Hospital in Wisconsin, to Lakeland Hospital in Elkhorn, Wisconsin with a tumor said to rival Sorenson’s, sources say. Not feeling well, on and off for some time, recently took a toll for the worse today. Kordick who was working with former world champion Louis Neglia to promote kickboxings “Combat at the Garden” tonight in Madison Square Garden, for which WAKO Team USA star and recent Silver medalist 4-0 Amanda Ginski challenged ‘Combat at the Garden’s’ multi champ, stand out 13-3 Jenni Nedell. Nedell lost her father in the 9/11 Twin Towers. Kordick last minute was forced to cancel the trip to MSG, for what developed to be emergency surgery. Assuming all goes well, Kordick’s recovery time is expected to take 6-8 weeks, but will not be known until surgery is complete. Kordick in good spirits when I last spoke to her, made light of the situation saying “me and Pam are gonna see who’s is bigger” jokingly. Pam Sorenson’s tumor once removed weight roughly 3.5 pounds, leaving people stunned after viewing her pictures. This might explain why Kordick has been complaining of numbness in areas, as the tumor mimicked a small baby, laying on her nerves. Kordick at the beginning of the year, started working for film director, actor, and martial arts Master Alan Goldberg, CEO of Action Martial Arts Magazine. Goldberg and Neglia have been very supportive during this unfortunate time for Karie with a “K” Kordick, as sources say she was scheduled for media duties had scheduled to interview Neglia on this merger, transitioning WAKO USA kickboxer Amanda Ginski into Neglia’s promotion, without requiring her to sign an exclusive contract, exposing an opportunity for Ginski to get more, high level fight experience, and ring time, to better represent WAKO USA at WAKO competitions around the world in the future. Earlier in the week, Kordick voiced her feelings to FighBookMMA on exclusive contracts by big promotions expressing how it hurts the WAKO USA kickboxing team, and how big of a deal this experience would be for Ginski.

For more information. We will bring you updates on this story, as we get them. Until then, “let’s pray for KJ.”


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