What’s next for Mokaev and McVeigh: the upcoming steps for BRAVE CF 37 rising stars

Seef District, Bahrain – As BRAVE CF 37, the Bahrain-based organization’s debut in Sweden, came to an end last Saturday, a question emerged: what is next for the two youngsters that stole the show: Ireland’s Glenn McVeigh and Muhammad Mokaev.

The winner of the Bantamweight bout, Mokaev, a two-time IMMAF amateur World Champion and the number one pound-for-pound amateur athlete in the world, is already set to make his comeback inside the BRAVE CF Arena, according to a recent statement by BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid.

The identity of Mokaev’s opponent was not revealed by Mohammed Shahid, which leaves the question: who he’s fighting at BRAVE CF’s debut show in Poland, on September 5th.

In addition, another doubt surrounds Mokaev’s future. Because, although “The Punisher” has been consistently competing as a Bantamweight throughout his amateur career, as well as in his pro debut, he has hinted before that a move to the Flyweight division was not off the table.

Does that mean that BRAVE CF 125 and 135 divisions are about to welcome a double-threat? We’ll have to wait for Mokaev’s next fights in order to say so.

Speaking of Glenn McVeigh, the Irishman left a good impression in his first fight, by taking the fight with only a couple of days notice he managed to survive a dominant performance by Mokaev and took the fight to the judge’s scorecards.

Of course, a loss was never the desired outcome but, given the circumstances, McVeigh is still a very promising prospect, in which not only BRAVE CF but also fans and specialists, should keep their eyes on.

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