Will UFC bring back the BMF Championship?

The BMF Championship. The first gimmick title belt the UFC came up with to sell tickets. Whether some people liked it or not, it was promoted heavily during the anticipated bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz at MSG. The title belt was such big of a deal that the UFC brought in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the presenter for that very belt. There was much interest in whether or not Diaz or Masvidal would walk out with the belt and known to the world as the BMF.

With their heavily-hyped bout ending in somewhat of a disappointment, the match seemed to miss the point of what that title belt meant as Masvidal defeated Diaz by Doctor Stoppage, which caused a backlash among MMA fans.

If the UFC was contemplating returning the BMF Championship belt, it’ll most likely take place in what many believe would be a “dream” match. Despite UFC President Dana White stating the belt was a one-off deal, Masvidal, who’s the current holder of that belt, can get booked in a match where he would put his title on the line to garner big business.

When it comes down to it, the UFC, like any other sports organization, is a business. If Masvidal defending his belt against the right opponent is good for business, then a good chance it will indeed happen. After all, there’ve been reports that the returning Conor McGregor wants a shot at the BMF Championship. A match-up between Masvidal and McGregor, to which fans are already clamoring for, headlining a PPV event with the title on the line would be a great business move.

It would be hard to believe the UFC would ignore an opportunity like that. With McGregor again back in active competition, a welterweight bout between him and Masvidal for the belt could happen soon. One must also remember that Masvidal could defend his belt with other potential PPV headliners.

Because of the controversial ending from his recent bout with Diaz, the UFC may consider a rematch between if fans are interested in a payoff to their feud. With Masvidal winning by Doctor Stoppage, it’d make sense for the belt to have a proper ending rather than a tainting legacy. Not to mention bringing Diaz back into the fold will garner excitement regardless of the title being on the line or not.

Masvidal taking on a super-villain like Colby Covington would excite UFC fans as well. Fans who aren’t necessarily MMA fans would even buy a PPV event to see a match between the two, whether he’s despised or supported. Especially with the BMF Championship on the line, that’ll sure to get fans buzzing even more interested.

The BMF Championship may indeed make a comeback if any of these scenarios were to come into fruition. Whether or not people hate the title or not, it’s all about business when it all comes down.


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