Yousif Ghrairi Opens Up About Hasan Talal Dominating Him The First 2 Rounds At BRAVE CF 48: “I Never Tap Out”

Yousif “The Widow Maker” Ghrairi and Hasan “Fearless” Talal had been eyeing each other since they were meant to fight over a year ago in a different promotion, which was cancelled due to visa issues. The tension built up over the years led to an incredible bout on the largest Arab MMA fight card in the world at BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night on March 18th. 

Ghrairi and Talal had a close fight with Talal dominating the first two rounds with his grappling skills and moving it with his striking. It wasn’t until the third round that Ghrairi changed the narrative and was able to finish Talal via a knee TKO at 2 minutes and 53 seconds. 

“When he was dominating I knew that he was winning the fight but at the same time I knew how drained he is and how much he is losing power so I knew in the third round I have to push the pace and finish the fight,” says Ghrairi during a backstage interview at BRAVE CF 48. “Even my coach was telling me, this is your fight now, so go and finish it.” 

Talal was able to get the upper-hand on Ghrairi several times before falling to his demise and getting knocked out. Nevertheless, Ghrairi stayed resilient and was hopeful that the odds would change in his favor. The Widow Maker attributes his ability to never tapping out in his life. 

“No, **** no. I never tap out,” says Ghrairi when asked about whether he considered tapping out. “Not in the gym, that’s why I have so much energy and injuries and not in the cage. And, I hope I don’t tap out in the future.” 

The Lebanese and Iraqi fighters put on an incredible show at Arad Fort on Thursday March 18th and captured the eyes of millions of viewers worldwide. Fans around the world can re-watch their outstanding fight on BRAVE CF TV. 


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