8 Reasons Why MMA Fighters Should Wear Compression Clothing

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MMA fighting is a dangerous, exhilarating sport people across the globe have fallen in love with. From the high-stakes fights to the intensity of the crowds, this art form has gained a lot of popularity over the years. So, how do fighters combat injuries and muscle fatigue? They are a proven method that has also gained popularity in the last decade: compression. Compression is used by millions of people across the globe for a variety of reasons. Some use it for arthritis and others for circulation, but one group that vastly benefits from compression is athletes. In the sport of MMA, the benefits of compression can be seen in multiple areas, and we’re here to tell you some of the top reasons why MMA fighters should wear compression clothing.

Reduce Muscle Fatigue

When you’re training, your muscles need all the help they can get to help you perform your best.  

Compression shorts for men can help keep you feeling fresh by providing increased circulation to your muscles. More blood flow to your muscles reduces fatigue during activity, meaning you can train harder and longer without getting fatigued. Plus, the compression creates heat on your muscles which also increases blood flow and keeps your muscles warmed up and loose, so you can spar longer with less fatigue.

Increase Power

Wearing compression bottoms and other clothing can also increase the power of your muscles. If your muscles need some rest after a long cardio session or difficult workout, compression clothing can help restore your muscle strength and jumping abilities after an endurance event or strenuous workout. This is great for athletes with multiple disciplines. So, if you’re an MMA fighter throughout the week, but love shooting hoops on the weekends, compression will help your muscles stay strong and keep your jumping game in check.


Absorb Shock and Impact

When wearing compression clothing, your muscles and joints have increased support. So, when you’re doing moves that require a lot of flexibility or throwing powerhouse punches, an arm  

sleeve or even compression pants can help reduce the impact of each blow. Wearing compression provides an extra layer of shock absorption that will help keep your joints from getting achy and stiff. So, you can train longer and harder while mitigating some of the not-so-great effects that come with taking part in an intense sport like MMA.

Improved Oxygenation

Blood is our life source, and muscles need it to function properly. This is because of the countless red blood cells that provide oxygen to our muscles. Just like we need air to breathe, muscles need blood to “breathe” and function properly. One benefit that compression provides to MMA fighters is improved oxygenation to muscles due to increased blood flow. This energizes your muscles before a fight and continues to give them the energy to continue on in a fight while preventing lactic acid buildup.

Prevent Strains and Other Injuries

Injuries are pretty commonplace in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. From broken noses to torn ligaments, every time a fighter steps into the ring, there’s a high chance they will be injured, but sometimes the injury can be avoided. From an over-extended calf to a strained hamstring, wearing compression bottoms can sometimes help prevent injuries. This is due to the extra support compression provides, keeping your muscles, joints, and ligaments in place.

Decrease Soreness After Training

From heavy weight-lifting sessions to an intense sparring match, your muscles are getting over-exerted when you’re training for a fight. A necessary evil, pushing your muscles to fatigue will help them grow stronger and keep you in peak fighting condition. But what about soreness? It’s important to take time to recover, so you don’t get so sore you can’t train. Wearing compression clothing during and after a workout can help combat soreness.

Soreness is caused by a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, and when you wear compression clothing, the lactic acid is removed quicker and doesn’t build up as much due to the increased blood flow.

Recover Quicker

Even when you’re training your hardest, you still need to take the time to recover and give your muscles the rest they need, especially if you’re gearing up for a fight. Your muscles need to have time to rest, recover, and repair while you’re training. Once muscle fatigue sets in, it’s important to know when to stop pushing because it can become difficult for your muscles to bounce back and recover. Wearing compression pants can help tired quads and overworked calves get the rest and recovery they need to keep you safe and healthy as well as reduce the likelihood of any injuries due to the increased blood flow they provide and the extra muscle support.

Get Added Groin Support

This is one of the more superficial reasons for wearing compression shorts, but they offer added groin support. So, if you’re struggling to keep your protective cup in place or just want to keep everything secure, compression shorts are a comfortable and easy way to get added groin support while you’re sparring on the mat or in the ring.

There are loads of brands and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect compression clothing for your lifestyle. From sleeves to shorts, compression can be worn on almost every part of the body. Plus, it can be worn at all times, so whether you’re hitting the gym or working hard on the job, you can wear your compression clothing in a variety of situations.


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