The inaugural edition of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Super Cup is almost upon us. But what do we know about the competition organised by the Brave Combat Federation? Find out more in this article curated by top rated online casino.

About MMA Super Cup

The event is a single-elimination tournament in association with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF). It will see the world’s eight best nations compete for the title and the largest prize money ever paid for an amateur MMA tournament.  The week-long festivities will include the first edition of the MMA Super Cup and BRAVE CF 57, the first card of the year for the truly global MMA promotion.

Participating countries

The teams were selected through the IMMAF Senior Global Rankings, with the spots being awarded to the six best-ranked countries: Russia, Ukraine, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Ireland, and Tajikistan. They will be joined by two wildcards, the Balkan Champions, and the Arab Champions, in the knockout tournament bracket.


The official draw for the team’s tournament took place on February 7th when the first four match-ups had been announced. The Russian MMA Union Team was confirmed to face Team Ireland. The other quarterfinal pair in Russia’s subgroup is Team Ukraine vs Team Arab Champions. In the other subgroup, the host nation’s team, Team Bahrain, will face Team Tajikistan in the quarterfinals, while Team Kazakhstan goes up against Team Balkan Champions.


The structure of the competition — promoted in association with KHK Sports, Brave Combat Federation, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), and the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF) will allow for 9 fighters per team (seven males and two females), one per weight class. Three substitute athletes (two males and one female) will also be allowed per team.

The quarter-final draw which took place yesterday concluded with Russia facing Ireland in match one and Ukraine facing the Arab Champs in match two. Match three will see Kazakhstan face the Balkan Champions and Bahrain will face Tajikistan in the final quarter-final.

Each stage will consist of nine bouts between two teams with each fight consisting of three 180-second rounds. Extra rounds may be added on should a fight end in a draw as no ties will be allowed. The team with more wins after all fights will be declared the winner. The four semi-finalists will then compete in the knockout stage and for a spot in the final.

Prize money

The winning team receives a whopping $100,000 (£73,413/€87,984) prize. The runner-up team will take $75,000 (£55,060/€65,988) home and the winner of the third-place match will take $50,000 (£36,706/€43,987). The prize money is intended to go towards the development of the winning national federations, with several online casinos for real money acknowledging this development.

Date/ venue

The MMA Super Cup will take place between March 8-12 at Khalifa Sports City in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Male divisions

Bantamweight (over 125 to 135 pounds)

Featherweight (over 135 to 145 pounds)

Lightweight (over 145 to 155 pounds)

Welterweight (over 155 to 170 pounds)

Middleweight (over 170 to 185 pounds)

Light Heavyweight (over 185 to 205 pounds)

Heavyweight (over 205 to 265 pounds)

Female divisions 

Flyweight (over 115 to 125 pounds)

Bantamweight (over 125 to 135 pounds)


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