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Everyone needs a starting guide when starting an activity especially one that involves money. Whereas sports betting began decades ago, betting on MMA sporting events has started gaining popularity in recent years. This is greatly attributed to the increase in the number of superstar personalities that have gained prominence through the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Being the largest MMA event, UFC sporting events usually attract bettors from across the world.

In this article, you will find out about UFC betting – how they work and how you can earn some money by betting on the UFC. There are local and major UFC events to bet on.

What You Need to Know about the MMA Sport

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, is a fighting competition where various combatants grapple with and strike each other. Unlike other martial arts, the objective of the event is to force the opponent into giving in or get knocked out, and therefore, points are not as significant. If the fighting event concludes without a clear winner among the two, only then will the fight be scored and the winner declared. MMA fights occur in a special arena known as the octagon since it has eight sides.

Here is what you need to know about MMA matches:

  • The easiest way of winning is via a knockout, also known as a KO. This happens when the opponent cannot proceed with fighting.
  • MMA combatants are usually stubborn and ambitious and they tend to continue fighting even if they’re badly injured. In such cases, the referee or physician might call an end to the fight because of the safety of the fighter. This is referred to as a technical knockout or a TKO.
  • Another way of winning is via submission. Here, if the opponent is put in a limb hold or chokehold that forces them into tapping out, the winner is declared to have won the fight through submission.
  • Identical to the TKO, the corner camp of the fighter can decide to surrender themselves if their combatant has sustained significant damage but the physical/referee fails to call off the fight.
  • Each round takes five minutes and there are a total of five rounds. Once those rounds are up, the judges pick the winner based on their performances.

UFC Betting and UFC Odds

UFC betting is a sure way of learning more about the sporting event. You can bet on your favorite matchups and fighters. Most MMA fights are about who the winner will be. This is known as match betting. You can bet on which opponent will be victorious in the fight. Although it’s rare, you can bet on a draw.

Also, you can decide to bet on how the bout will be won. With there being various disciplines in MMA, different fighters prefer submission and grappling rather than brute force knockouts. This can allow you to predict and bet on the type of victory.

You can also bet on the number of rounds that the bout will last for. This can be done using the over/under line where you predict if the bout will go past a certain number of rounds or not. For instance, you can bet on whether the game will end before the fourth round or will progress beyond the fourth round.

You can also choose to combine your bets. For instance, you can place a round and method bet where you not only predict the time that the fight will end as well as how the fight will end in that round. Interestingly, savvy gamblers prefer to bet on MMA events before they’re confirmed to get ahead of the UFC odds. Fortunately, in case these fights fall through, the bettors will be refunded and thus, they don’t incur any losses.

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