Kremer returns at Brave 22 covering 16 Nations

Veteran cage announcer and the voice of Brave Combat Federation, Carlos Kremer will host the 22nd edition of the event in Philippines on 15th March, 2019. The Philippines marks 16th nation where Kremer has graced his presence as a cage announcer.

Carlos Kremer had made an impact in 2018 when he was awarded the 2018 Cage Announcer of the Year by FightBook MMA. This marks the second time the veteran announcer has secured the award as he did so as well in 2017. Kremer said “ to be recognized by Fightbook MMA, one of the Worlds Leading MMA journalistic Authorities is an Incredible Honor and Accomplishment for me. If you’ve seen me perform every night I give every ounce of my Soul for the Fighters and a successful show and experience. So to be recognized as the Best of an amazing group of talented announcers worldwide really hits home with me. It’s so humbling to me because all I care about is advancing our unbelievable sport, Fighters and fan base in every way I can and it’s been my entire mission from day one years ago”. Kremer has been the voice of the cage in nation including the United States of America, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, South Africa, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan and Indonesia. The Philippines will add up as the 15th nation for Carlos Kremer with Brave Combat Federation.

“First of all I need to thank His Highness Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa for giving me this worldwide platform to win this prestigious Award from Fightbook MMA for the second year in a row. I accept this for him and for our entire Family at Brave Combat Federation, as we are changing the landscape of MMA Worldwide”. It’s an Absolute Honor to represent BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION, The Kingdom of Bahrain, the United States and KHK Sports, thanked Kremer.

After terrorizing opponents on the football field at UC DAVIS until his career was cut short due to a serious knee injury, Kremer also had an illustrious martial arts career in which he secured the Bronze medal at the 2013 IBJJF World No Gi Championships and the Bronze again at 2014 Pan Am Gi Championships. He had also made a name ifor himself n the boxing circuit as “The Great White Hope” of San Diego as a Heavyweight contender.

The former US Marine Corps Captain known as “The Master Motivator” on the Drill Field as a Series Commander at MCRD and who was awarded Two Navy Achievement Medals for Honor and Valor is excited to return to Philippines since it is a project close to his heart. Kremer shared a special message to the growing Mixed Martial Arts community in Philippines, “I am honored to announce these historic fights in the Philippines as this is one event the whole martial arts community has waited for. The Brave Nation of the Philippines has produced amazing fighters who had proved time and time again to the world, that the sport is all about execution, humility, discipline and respect. I cannot wait to meet our fans in Philippines and be part of the glorious history that we are set to create”, added Kremer. What Coach Mark Sangiao and Team Lakay have done is truly remarkable and I’m so fired up that we will be showcasing their hard work and talent for the world to see, it’s truly inspirational and deserved”, said Kremer.

Article by:  Hari Bhagirath