Living the Lifestyle of a Pro Fighter

There’s no denying it. Living the life of a competitive fighter is hard work. Being the best takes skill, practice and dedication to your sport. If you want to be a pro fighter, there are certain lifestyle habits you should take on. 

It’s All About Mindset

Before you think abou training or nutrition, being an MMA fighter is all about mindset. You’ve got to be willing to put in the hard work, every day. This means showing up at the gym and giving your all even when you don’t feel like it. It means embracing pain and using it to challenge yourself. 

You Will Make Mistakes

You will have mistakes and setbacks in your training. You’ve got to learn to embrace these trials and use them to get better. Know that every training session and every fight will not be your best. Learn to show up anyway. Some days this might mean just physically showing up at the gym, but most days you need to be mentally present too. To be the best, you should always be giving your all. 

Focus on Improving Skills and Strength

When your life is fighting, you’ll feel the urge to constantly be in the ring. But you should focus most of your training on improving the skills you’ll need while sparring and strength training. You should limit hard sparring to once a week. Even then, you should not spar as if you’re in a real fight. 

Limit Fighting to the Ring

No matter how often you fight in the gym or in competition, you should never fight outside the gym or the ring. Though MMA skills can be beneficial for self defense, the last thing you need is to get yourself in legal trouble because you chose to fight someone at a bar or party. 

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If you do get in legal trouble fighting outside the gym, hire a Seattle criminal lawyer to represent you so you can spend your time training instead of worrying about legal trials. Not only is it challenging to train to be a pro fighter while inside a jail cell, but carrying yourself with the confidence of being above street fighting will give you a much stronger reputation than fighting every guy who wrongs you. 

Train Often

Even though you won’t be fighting every day, in or outside the gym, it’s still important to spend a majority of your time training. Pick a martial art to focus on. Train hard in this area and then move to another one. Each martial art is challenging in and of itself and you won’t be able to master any of them overnight.

Listen to Your Coaches

You’ll need a good coach, someone you’ll listen to and feel comfortable taking cues from. You won’t become the best if you’re not willing to listen to a coach and trainer. Humble yourself and listen to your sparring partners too. You won’t win every fight, but you should learn from every loss. Finding inconsistencies and strengthening weaknesses is how you get better. 

Do Strength and Core Work

You should also regularly do strength work and core work. The amount of strength behind your kicks and punches are all dependent on your core, so don’t neglect this area.  And you will regularly need to train with a heavy bag. The heavy bag will help you develop striking range, power and speed, amongst other skills. 

Fuel Your Body Correctly

Finally, nutritional habits are extremely important too. You’re going to have to eat a lot of the right things. Sparring and strength training daily take a lot of energy. Make sure you’re fueling your body correctly. Eat a diet heavy in protein and don’t be afraid of carbs. Carbs are the fuel you’ll need to power your workouts and fights. 

Avoid Alcohol

If you’re serious about being a pro fighter, you’ll want to avoid alcohol as much as possible too. Alcohol affects training in negative ways. Drinking heavily will make it more challenging to get the sleep you need for your muscles to recover. To really gauge recovery and learn your body, invest in a fitness tracker

Being a pro fighter takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but it will be worth it as you improve and start winning competitive fights. 


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