MMA has become a popular sport in recent months. While it’s always been around, the lack of other sports has caused many to become interested in it. It’s something anyone can do, with the proper training and preparation. If it’s something you’ve thought about doing, here are some things you’re going to need to do when training in order to last in a fight.


It’s important to stretch every time you are going to do physical activity. This will help get the blood flowing to your muscles and vital organs at a gradual pace. You don’t want to get injured or go full force without your muscles being warmed up. After working out, you’ll also need to stretch to put your body into cool down mode. This will help muscles recover and will help your turnaround period be a little bit faster for the next routine.


A lot of times, your mind can play tricks on you. You may feel as if you are exhausted, but your body can actually keep going for a little bit longer. It’s wise to do mental exercises and play out moments in your head. Have ideas of how the fight or training period will be. If you have a one-hour exercise period, don’t let yourself give up until that period is over. In a fight, keep in mind the scheduled number of rounds you’ll need to go. Your body has no choice but to keep working until the time is up.


A great way to get your lungs expanding and heart-pumping is by running. This will give you the endurance you need to go for long periods of time. Colder air makes your lungs expand, so running in that type of weather benefits you more than the heat. Running at higher elevation will also pay dividends in a fight because the air is thin, so you’ll be training your breathing on intaking oxygen. When you fight or train back at sea level, you’ll find it easier to control.


A great way to mix up your routine is by doing it in intervals. Go hard for five minutes and take a break. Then go hard for ten and take a break. Keeping upping the time until your training is over. This will closely resemble a fight. Most fights have three- or five-minute rounds, so if you train in intervals like the match, you’ll be more prepared for what you’ll do in the ring. You can also have intervals of exercises. Maybe you want to weight train, then do cardio and plyometrics. The more you can confuse your muscles, the stronger you will become.


Your diet is very important when it comes to endurance in a fight. You want to be as lean as possible. Even in a higher weight class, your muscles can be used to overpower your opponent when in a bad situation. To get lean muscle you’ll need to watch what you eat and how much you eat. Make a daily plan for your intake of things like protein, calories, and carbs. If you aren’t getting enough from meals, consider taking supplements like protein powder.


You want to make sure you are doing some type of training every day to get the stamina you need for a fight. This doesn’t mean you have to go hard each day though. You need to keep in mind that you can wear yourself out if you are overworking your muscles. Some days you’ll just need to stick to routines of stretching or yoga in order to get the blood flowing to your muscles. This all helps when it comes down to fight night. Your body will be strengthened but rested and ready to go as well.

Mixed martial arts is something almost anyone can learn and be trained in, If you want to get in a ring though, it’s going to take more than just knowledge to make it to the end of the round.


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