Unbeaten Randy Patino gunning for a KO bonus at Lights Out 2

Randy Patino is quickly establishing himself as one of the top welterweight prospects in America. At Lights Out 2 on Feb. 16 in Grand Rapids, Mich., the Michigan fighter will try to improve to 3-0 with a third straight first-round finish against Eric Lyon. He spoke with FightBook MMA in advance of that bout.

What are your goals for this year?

I’d like to finish the year 7-0 as a professional fighter, go to Thailand, go to France, and just enjoy life. The whole idea is to finish the year at 7-0.

What are your thoughts on fighting Eric Lyon at Lights Out 2?

I think it’s going to be a great fight for me. He has a lot of experience and has fought a lot of people, but I feel like this is a great match-up for me.

Are you hoping for a third straight first-round finish, or would you like to get a bit more cage time in with this one?

Another quick finish would be good — I’d like to get everybody out in the first round. Five minutes gives you a lot of time to work, lots of time to get the finish, and lots of experience in the cage.

What’s the ideal finish for this one?

I’m not picky (laughs). But Lights Out has a big knockout bonus and extra money is always nice, so I’d love to put on a good knockout for everybody. Submission is fine too; I just want to put him away early (laughs).

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