Why Running is Beneficial to Athletes

If you’re an athlete, you know how important staying fit is to your overall health. No matter what branch of athletics you’re in, you undoubtedly have a tailored workout routine that helps you build muscle and optimize performance. One downfall of many athletic plans is that they often don’t emphasize cardio or aerobic training. No matter what you do as an athlete, running and other aerobics should have a place in your training routine.

Trains Endurance

While strength training prepares your muscles for the tasks your sport requires, cardio trains your entire body to sustain a higher level of energy output. No matter what form of athletics you’re into, strength without endurance is pretty useless. By incorporating cardio, such as running or swimming, into your training routine, you can prepare your body to sustain the amount of strength it needs for a longer period. 

If you’re wanting to incorporate running or other cardio into your regular exercise regimen, some specialized gear might help you succeed. Running accessories such as a fitness watch can help you track important metrics such as your heart rate, distance, and calories burned. This information can help you better incorporate these exercises into your normal routine, helping to make sure you don’t strain yourself and overwork your muscles. If you want to get an added boost of endurance to your athletics, consider adding cardio to your training. 

Reduces Health Risks

In addition to increasing your overall endurance, adding cardio into your routine can also help to reduce the risk of injury and heart disease. Incorporating running into your workouts delivers more oxygen to your muscles, allowing them to achieve their peak performance with less effort. Being able to put less strain on your body can help prevent muscle and joint strain, allowing you to work longer and harder without injury. 

On top of making your regular workouts easier, adding cardio training such as running can also increase your overall heart health. Studies have shown that individuals who train cardio a couple of times a week have better cardiovascular health than those who don’t. Giving your heart this extra boost can lessen your risk of heart disease, slow premature aging, and even help you live longer. If you’re wanting to improve your overall health with just a simple change to your workout plan, look into training cardio. 

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Increases Energy Production

Finally, supplementing your workout routine with running will also increase your body’s general energy production. When you train cardio, your body uses the fats and sugars in your diet to produce energy. This energy can last up to three hours after your training session stops, giving you a sustained burst of energy to help you conquer your day. The more you run and train cardio, the more your body will adapt to using these fats as an energy source, giving you a bigger surge of energy throughout your daily life. 

On top of giving you a rush of energy from the workout itself, adding cardio to your routine also increases the amount of oxygen your red blood cells can carry throughout your body. This will not only help prevent injury to your muscles and joints but also give you more energy. Each cell in your body requires oxygen to survive, so the more oxygen your body is delivering, the harder they’re working. Training cardio will not only give you immediate energetic benefits but also help your body continue functioning at its highest level for long after you leave the gym. 


Because your body performs at such a high standard, taking care of it is important. Each workout you do has a purpose, and cardio is no different. This isn’t just plodding along on a treadmill for an undetermined amount of time, but rather tailoring an exact program to fit your needs as an athlete. No matter what realm of athletics you train for, including cardio training should be a priority. Your heart is a muscle, and you should train it just like any other. 


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