Steel Fist Fight Night fighter Anthony “THUNDER” Pagliaro talks to FightBookMMA

Wednesday December 23, 2015 Training and living in New Mexico Anthony Pagliaro is originally from New York. He relocated to be closer to his mother after she had back surgery. He now trains at Invictus Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu in Albuquerque, with a pro record of 3-3. He’s been involved in Karate since age 8 and  At 13 years old he took up kickboxing.

Anthony spent 6 years in the U.S Airforce where he was given his nick name “Thunder” which he still uses today. Still motivated every day by those brothers and sisters in the military.

“My heart motivates me and also the strength from my fellow fallen brothers and sisters. They motivate the most.”

What is our favorite part about being in MMA?

“My favorite thing about fighting is it’s a way of relieving stress and anger, along with staying in shape. MMA to me is FunSquishies to most people. We all know that squishies provides you with an outlet where you can pour out your anger and frustrations by literally squishing a toy. That is also how I see MMA. MMA is not only a sport but one big family and friends who will always be there no matter what. Always have your back.”

What has been your toughest and favorite fights so far?

“Toughest fight was my debut pro fight against Thiago Alves who was 6-1. Favorite fight was my most recent one against Riley Earl who I ko in the first round 10 sec”

What goals do you have for MMA?

“My goal is to fight in the WSOF “

Always a good sport “Thunder” has these parting words for his opponent:

“Thanks for the opportunity, let’s fight then have a beer afterwards.”

Pagliaro is sponsored by Damage Plan MMA and Rockwell and nutritionist brandy Hawkins. He’s represented by SMMACK Combat Management Global. To stay up to date you can follow Anthony on Facebook.

You can also check out Anthony on January 9th, 2016 ️vs Rowdy Akers with the Steel Fist Fight Night Promotion in Farmington, Utah.